Green Walls

Vertical greenwalls have been popular in Europe for many years. Whether you are looking for a vertical vegetable garden for your restaurant or a stunning succulent wall for your lobby, we have the right wall and product for you. Vertical greenwalls are project specific; we work with designers, architects and owners from the ground up to develop proper lighting, drainage, plumbing, irrigations and electrical, if needed. A successful installation is based on early development and specification.

Professional Plant Installation & Maintenance Service

Our horticulturalists will supervise the selection of your plants from reputable plant nurseries and local growers. At a prearranged time we will arrive at your location to deliver, install and expertly arrange the plants according to your design plans. Our technician will arrive in uniform to provide the TLC needed to keep your plants looking beautiful. We water, clean, trim, prune, polish, and inspect the plants, making sure they are healthy. Technicians refresh the moss, clean the containers and fertilize the plants to keep the plants looking their best. 

Color Rotation & Eco-Friendly 

Atelier de LaFleur can provide you with exotic orchids, bromeliads, and locally-grown succulents to add color to your surroundings. We can also provide you with small to large flora arrangements and planter gardens for gifts, special occasions, lobby areas, conference areas, and guest bathrooms. We create eco-friendly alternatives to typical flower arrangements by using indigenous plant life in sustainable designs. Unlike flower arrangements that only last a few days, our arrangements can last for months -sometimes years- with very little upkeep. 

Holiday Decor

We design custom, holiday-themed trees, wreaths, and garlands, for rental or for purchase, for the interior and exterior. Our team of designers can help with the specific color scheme to match your decor. We always consider diversity awareness in our designs. Decor for every holiday or any theme imaginable is available.